Our entire collection is divided into three color groups: Forest, Fabel and Stuga. Within these lines, you can combine any items, but for truly creative combinations you can also mix and match your own style!


Once upon a time there was... a forest full of animals. Let your imagination run wild! Fabel is a cozy, colorful collection. We choose a base of white, but you can make it as colorful as you want! Enough colors to make a happy place. Blue, red, green, orange ... Lots of colors to combine with! Or do we have too many options now?

forest forest

All birds in a tree! Forest is a sturdy gray-white collection, super to combine with a beautiful color. And you can choose which one!

stuga stuga

At the edge of the forest is a little Stuga (house in Swedish). This is Hedgehog's place. Hedgehog is always hungry, and he loves apples! His little friend Duck is always with him. Stuga is a quiet collection, based in white, gray and orange-red. Super Nice to combine with the Forest Collection!