Wallpaper: FAQ

What material is your wallcovering made off?

Our wallcovering is made in a non-woven material with a slight 'sand structure'. Average weight p/m2 is 250gr. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


What is the advantages of non-woven wallcoverings?

Non-woven wallcoverings has much more advantages above regular paper qualities:

  • + non-woven is stronger than paper, so it will not easily tear.
  • + non-woven is (hardly) no shrinking after applying, in comparison with regular paper.
  • + non-woven is easy to apply by smearing the wall with glue, instead of smearing the wallpaper.
  • + non-woven is easy to remove (also after several years).


What can be the disadavantage of non-woven wallcoverings?

A non-woven material is slightly transparent. If you will glue it on top of an excisting (darker or dessin) wall, it's most likely, the layer underneath will be slightly visible troughout. Please take proper precautions before adding a new wallcovering.


What is the size of your wallcovering?

Our wallcovering contains a set of 2 strips. Each strip has a width of 52cm + height of 275cm (room height). 

Total measurements of 2 strips is 104x275cm (w x h).

Why do you only offer per 2 rolls of wallpaper with a size of 52x275m?

We have chosen to work together with a local printer which is able to print on demand which enables us to present you the latest colours and prints. Unfortunately this is only possible in lengths of 275cm, because of the print capacaties of the manufacturer

The advantage is that we have cutted your strips already. Quick and easy for you. There is no further wastage of shifting print patterns, as common with 10 meter wall coverings.

You can start hanging the strip at the topside of your wall, and easily cut it at the underside to make it fit. The second strip can start at the top again without any shift of patterns.


Does the print pattern shift in between the different strips of wallpaper?

In our case it’s very easy: the strips of wallpaper are 52 cm in width and the print pattern connects fully between the strips. Each strip of wallpaper starts with exactly the same pattern at the top and can be cut at the desired length at the bottom. A set of two strips is 104 cm wide, a set of four strips is 208 cm wide, etc.


What are the costs for TiS Lifestyle's wallcovering?

When ordering 1 lot, you will receive 2 strips (104x275cm) for €59,95. Shipping costs exclused to your country. 


What makes our wallpaper expensive?

+ All our wallpaper is custom-made and hand-cut.

+ We only produce in limited quantities, which is more expensive than high volume brands.

+ we print with non-toxic print stuff on high quality material.


What is the delivery time when I order wallpaper?

When ordering wallpaper an extra delivery time of about 4 extra working days is required.

If you order other items from the TiS Lifestyle webshop at the same time, you will receive all items at once, together with the wallpaper.


How to hang the wallpaper?

With the order you will receive our ‘how to hang’-guide. You can also download them here.


What kind of paste should I use on my wallpaper?

To get a good result, we recommend a good quality adhesive for non-woven wallpaper qualities. In the Netherlands, you can buy 'ready to roll' glue of Perfax and Bison, which are A-brand wallpaper glues. Please check your local wall specialist in your country for the best brands in non-woven glues.


Can I receive a sample before ordering?

It is possible to request a maximum of 3 samples (approx. 15x17cm) free of charge, simply by sending an email to info@tislifestyle.com. Please include your address.